Owen Glyndwr Erasmus

Owen Glyndwr ErasmusGlyn Erasmus, The Erasmo, The Legend known to many in Plaid Cymru as a person, you either start a conversation with about Welsh politics, or fine whiskey.

Glyn was a man not to suffer fools, was eager to teach the new generation of activists, and keen to get to the brass tax of things. The man that taught me many things about the world of Welsh politics, sadly passed away last month.

Some of my fondest memories of Glyn are of times at conference, national council and nights out leafletting and canvassing for several elections. He was a man that was fierce in his belief of Plaid Cymru, avoiding houses with dogs, and the first one at the door if he ever saw a cat. There is not much i can say about Glyn’s passing that would do him justice, but, As Steffan Lewis said; “Wales has lost a giant” and I can think of no more noble description of this great man.

Onward, unto a new Dawn

Many of you may have seen the video below on Facebook in the last few days, of Michael Sheen at the People’s march for the NHS, making a powerful and moving speech about the history of the NHS (and obviously a little bit of stick towards the tories).

The passage at around 1:30 is a powerful message;

“…so when people are too scared to say what they really mean, when they are too careful to speak from their hearts. When integrity is too much of a risk. It’s no surprise that people feel disengaged with politics. There is NEVER an excuse to not speak up for what you think is right. You must stand up for what you believe, but first of all, BY GOD BELIEVE IN SOMETHING!”

That passage holds great meaning these days, and hopefully will in the times to come. The long road ahead is paved with the memories of the days of old, the pain of friends lost, and most of all, the struggle to do things right.

I stand up for what i believe in, and i do believe in something…

Morality    Justice     Honour     Truth



Masters, Teaching, Thieves and Conferences

So I know its been a while since my last post and I know you all lose the will to live if I don’t post anything on this blog, so here is your long awaited fix.

The masters I started in October is going well…i think, having bought a new computer…well that’s a topic in itself; ordered the computer, it came, with no graphics card, and only 1 screen (I ordered 3!), so they sent out the graphics card, but wouldn’t send out the rest of the screens because apparently we only bought one…the screenshot below begs to differ…

Screenshot of the ordered screens

Screenshot of the ordered screens

so after several emails, and phone calls later they finally caved and accepted their mistake but couldn’t give us 3 of those screens because 1 alone costs £319, so they gave us 20% off any other screens, Result!

The teaching is going well, teaching about 10 hours a week, and a bit of marking on the side, still get the odd “so if we buy you a pint later, is that enough for top marks?”…please…I’m not that cheap! Got to have at least 3 😉 Compared to what I was teaching this time last year when I was working for Technocamps, it’s a lot easier in the respect I’m teaching nearly the same stuff but to adults rather than children, but I think the kids pick it up quicker 😉

So, a few weeks ago me and Ben got to my car and find that the passenger door is on the latch (when its half closed half open) I UNLOCK my car and find someone has jammed a screwdriver into the passenger side door

Poor Pixie

Poor Pixie

and broken into my car, and stolen my radio, my USB battery charger, and one of Matt’s walkie talkies. Fair play to the police, I went to see them on Saturday morning, by Sunday morning they were out by my car dusting for prints.

Shame anything didn’t come from it, but with any luck the little sodd who broke into my car will get whats coming to him…or her.



And finally, you may have seen i went to Paris for IEEE Vis conference in November, that was a laugh.

The Eiffel Tower

The Eiffel Tower

Meeting some very interesting individuals, creating a few contacts in the visualization world, making a few friends along the way, and a bit of sightseeing obviously.

One thing that has to be said about Paris is the bike rental system they have in place, bit like Boris Bikes, but a lot better, in the fact that the roads are set out a bit better to accommodate bikes. Surprising i didn’t die! which is always a good thing.