Onward, unto a new Dawn

Many of you may have seen the video below on Facebook in the last few days, of Michael Sheen at the People’s march for the NHS, making a powerful and moving speech about the history of the NHS (and obviously a little bit of stick towards the tories).

The passage at around 1:30 is a powerful message;

“…so when people are too scared to say what they really mean, when they are too careful to speak from their hearts. When integrity is too much of a risk. It’s no surprise that people feel disengaged with politics. There is NEVER an excuse to not speak up for what you think is right. You must stand up for what you believe, but first of all, BY GOD BELIEVE IN SOMETHING!”

That passage holds great meaning these days, and hopefully will in the times to come. The long road ahead is paved with the memories of the days of old, the pain of friends lost, and most of all, the struggle to do things right.

I stand up for what i believe in, and i do believe in something…

Morality    Justice     Honour     Truth



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