Owen Glyndwr Erasmus

Owen Glyndwr ErasmusGlyn Erasmus, The Erasmo, The Legend known to many in Plaid Cymru as a person, you either start a conversation with about Welsh politics, or fine whiskey.

Glyn was a man not to suffer fools, was eager to teach the new generation of activists, and keen to get to the brass tax of things. The man that taught me many things about the world of Welsh politics, sadly passed away last month.

Some of my fondest memories of Glyn are of times at conference, national council and nights out leafletting and canvassing for several elections. He was a man that was fierce in his belief of Plaid Cymru, avoiding houses with dogs, and the first one at the door if he ever saw a cat. There is not much i can say about Glyn’s passing that would do him justice, but, As Steffan Lewis said; “Wales has lost a giant” and I can think of no more noble description of this great man.

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