My name is Illtud Jones, and this is my website.


Beyond the highlands of the Snowdonia National Park, down toward the capital of Wales is where I am originally from, The Homeland, God’s Country, The Real Wales…I left there 7 years ago to start this situation I come to know as my life to this day. I am 25 years old, I graduated from Bangor University back in 2013 and now 2 years later I am nearing the end of my MSc by Research. The brief year in between my Undergraduate and Masters years, I worked for the University doing outreach for secondary schools. Technocamps, a Project to encourage Programming, Engineering and Technology to 11 – 19 year old’s, it was a great opportunity and I still am working for them to this day, on a different path of delivering CPD for teachers in conjunction with the new curriculum that is coming into play.

This website mainly houses my blog which gets updated very sporadically, sometimes it will go through updates every few weeks, and other times months can go by without a single post. In the past, there have been some controversial posts and other times some heart felt posts, but the one thing that all the posts do share is that all things posted are true and a real record of events.

This website was initially an opportunity for me to set up my own server and do things from scratch which has now developed into more, where in the coming months I will hopefully be adding new additions, what, I cannot say yet, but keep your eyes peeled.

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