The World in Union

Once every 4 years, the world comes together, to celebrate this beautiful game of rugby. Countries standing together that echo their passion through the entire world to bring us to become a World in Union. 

There has been so much good rugby through this first week of the championship, a fitting opening ceremony for the hosts, Japan beating a previous cup winner, Georgia beating Tonga, the list goes on. But as tomorrow draws nearer, the excitement has started to set in, people from all over the world will gather around televisions, big screens, and the lucky few…the match live at Twickenham.

The clash of titans that is happening tomorrow is an unrivalled one, where adversaries face each other, in one of the most anticipated battles in a long while. 15 men, 2 countries, 30 herculean sportsmen. I cannot predict the score, but one thing I can predict, it will be a phenomenal game of 2 awesome rugby teams.

Sons of the north, of the south, my Welsh brothers,

I see in your eyes the same excitement that has taken the heart of me

A day may come when the game of rugby falls into bad discipline,

an hour of offside where courage is shattered and the game comes crashing down, but it is not this day. This day we fight!

By all that you hold dear from this green green grass,